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A Monthly Bondfire’s 3rd Annual “Ladies Night”

june 28th,the night at bowery poetry club was incredible!
at this 3rd annual at bondfire,all the performer was FEMALE.all of them was so dope.
and i was so honored that i was one of the featured artists along with greatest “queen godis” @bondfire.
bodfire is one of the regular hip hop events in NYC and all the artists are best of the best all the time.
thank you keish and conscious for putting me on the stage
and thank every body for coming out and support the events and see my performance!hope yall enjoyed.
and it was also honored that legendary KOOL HERC seemed to enjoyed my set.
and asked me for my info….i felt shame that i didnt know him and never met in person.
his speech at the end was so on point and it was such an amazing night.
cant wait to perform more &more!

Keitha Dutes -the HOst of bodfire!

conscous walker & meccagodzilla ,introducing me 😀

DJ mursi

Mio Fujii-MiosouL ready to rock the mic!

Mio Fujii-singing ballad..?

Mio FUjii-singing hard!1

Mio FUjii-singing hard2

meccagodzilla(ft MSGR cap & necklace)-Mio Fujii.MiosouL-Kool Herc

soul singer Mio can do some POP too!! hope yall enjoyed it!

seriously,queen godis is on another level,probably she is one of the best poet ive ever seen in my life!her stage presence was just omg…
i was just blown away,,,def id like to see her performance again…

amazing painter Demostina-Miofujii-meccaggodzilla

ciph-Mio FUjii-meccagodzilla-faro

So soon & meccagodzilla
you too support me so much….yall have no idea..yall gave me such a great compliment.

more is coming,,,
it was such a blessing night,,,
i will never quit singing,,,writing,practicing..
and sharing the vibes and thoughts with incredible friends..
that is the best feeling,,more than orgasm,,,just kidding 🙂

see???told u i got SOUL..

shout to a photographer Niko to hold it down

to book miofujii

i love yall…

have a great independence day weekend!!!!
if u r not american!
have a great weekend!it might be a regular weekend but ,,,,
hope you have a great day and be safe out there.



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