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happy Bday my dear…

tmrw is his birthday…
his name is meccagodizlla….

To me.He is one of the most important people in my life…

he has seen my life’s ups and down all the time….

and he always helped me out and he still has…

u know,,i always think about myself..i got to do this and that to reach to my goal…
im always hustling,,,im not trying to be your stranger ,,what so ever…

recently,,,ive been thinking about people around me,,,
they have showed me a lot of love and
my life doesnt mean anything without yall,,,my good people
friends,,,in japan,,in here in the states,,,and all over the world…

i always want to show u love and always want to be there for you if u need my help.

im so excited about my future,,im so excited to walk with my people around me,,
keep good heart.

i feel so blessed..

thank you all my friends for supporting my life,,,,im literally climbing a mountain,,,

And definitely he is one of them!
happy birthday meccca,,,,MIKE..
you r such a great thing in this world…and i wish you best all the time..

if any of yall have birthday today,,
happy birthday

my mom and my sis s birthday is coming….:D

all LEO people! HAHAHA

i just thank GOD for giving me another great day,,,its such a great feeling inside and thank you for all of your blessing…
i will never quit

and i want to tell yall


u will get there if you never quit!

god bless you….



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