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Performance at Japan Society July 15th 2011

7/15/2011 at Japan Society they had Masashi Yamamoto’s screening of Three Points.
me,Tah Phrum Duh Bush and Meccagodzilla performed at after party! that was one of the amazing and exciting night!
ラッパーtah のビートボックスとMCメカゴジラとのセッションは初めてでしたが楽しかった!もちろんわたしは歌いました。
I thank Tah for giving us this opportunity!!
He supported me at last bond fire too.

Awesome artist Demostina, Tah Purim duh bush & MiosouL ( Mio Fujii )

Conscious walker!!! He was going in!!! 🙂
Me-free styling


Actress sora aoi & director Masashi Yamamoto
蒼そら と 山本まさし監督

Tah rocks!!!

Happy people 1

Photographer masa & DJ Aki

MiosouL ( Mio Fujii) & MeccaGodZilla

Beat boxers( nori , kata) & MiosouL ( Mio Fujii)

MiosouL( Mio Fujii ) & MeccaGodZilla after the show 🙂

Nice smile Tah
He s dope

Dj Aki & key board player Tsubasa s performance was off the chain!
Dj Aki くん とピアニストのつばささん

MiosouL & MeccaGodZilla & Tah
Let’s flow let’s go!!!

” Japan cuts three points @ Japan society


Happy people 2

MiosouL ( Mio Fujii ), MeccaGodZilla & Tah phrum dah bush
Rocking 2

MiosouL, MeccaGodZilla , concuous walker

MiosouL ( Mio Fujii ) & MeccaGodZilla
” what’s up Japan what’s up Tokyo ”
We might record this song together.. We should..

It was so nice to see Dj Aki n Tsubasa san again.
The movie was great, I heard that tickets were sold out.
I enjoyed the movie, that was not long movie, he put small episode together,, and each episode is not related each other. Lol
Funny but I liked it.
I talked to some people, I love their vibes n energy.

Masashi kantoku is funny.
MeccaGodZilla がまさしについてラップしてたらお気に召したよう。
Anyways he was cool !

Next show is
July 29th
And august 6th!!

And ” I wish ” video is coming for real….

I love you all
God bless

photos by
masayuki tsujimura
daigo otobe

thank u so much


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