Official Homepage of Mio Soul

Photos from YUME FEST 2011 in NYC!!!!

NY&TOKYO family
jayda(ENTokyo),MeccaGodZilla,Mio Soul,DJ tomoko,ucca-laugh

MeccaGodZilla & Mio Soul
thank Mecca for holding it down aaaalllwwaaayyyyssss,,,
this costume is designed by Ms Klee bagladie Jones!
i love it
check out her website

my new stylist Qu Een! she did an amazing job
Mio Soul,ai chan, Cavalier!!,DJ Tomoko,ucca-laugh

Mio Soul set

Mio Soul set 2


Mio Soul & an awesome singer Arinmaya
ive known her since i moved here back in 2008….
we used to go to lenox lounge and village undergrund together…
her vocals has been always on point,,and i was sooo happy to see her again that day and we watched our own shows each was a lot of fun.
big up to arin!!!love

cute DJ tomoko & ai shindo! (she is another incredible artist)
they are funny!

im sorry i dont have good photos!!!daaaammmnnn
this is Uccalaugh represent tokyo!!! youkoso おこしくださいました!!久々にこのコンビにあえてとてもうれしかった!セット、とてもよかったぞ。
and its so inspiring to meet somebody who are working hard and put love and passion in it!!!
when i go back to japan,definitely i wanna hang out with them again!

the yume fest in NYC started off this amazing vocalist TREZURE!!

thank you YUME fest

i Respect all the artists in that room at that night whether they performed or not…

i love yall


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