Official Homepage of Mio Soul

Mio Soul debuts her solo EP in the USA!


Mio Soul debuts her solo EP in the USA!

Wrapping up a busy year of artist collaborations, charity work, gospel performances, and obtaining props from Vibe Magazine’s Vibe Vixen website as “Vixen of the Day”, R&B newcomer Mio Soul releases her debut EP “In My Skin” on November 1, 2011. With this being her solo debut, listeners will be introduced to an adroit artist that writes simple songs about complex things such as love, life, happiness and survival.

As a means to make it clear that she has no musical limits, Mio Soul fully acquaints herself with blues, pop, and R&B in addition to sitting pilot in the producers chair to create her EP intro from scratch. The experimentation with various genres via “In My Skin” comes from her recent relocation to New York City, a move that puts her closer to some of the most groundbreaking and inspirational movements related to music, art and fashion.

Daytime Emmy Award winning music supervisor Dave Hnatiuk, “Mio Soul is like a Japanese version of Alicia Keys” shortly after listening to cinematic and almost movie like song “Out Of My Life” that features on her EP.

Originally from Tokyo Japan, this former biologist and cheerleader turned singer uses a bilingual formula to bridge the gap between English speaking and Japanese speaking listeners. “In My Skin” features production from MeccaGodZilla, Jaysage and TRACKmKH.


1. Intro
2. I Wish
3. Let’s Party
4. Promise
5. The Past
6. Out Of My Life

Purchase the album: iTunes | Amazon | Bandcamp | Mio Soul Official Store

Official Homepage

For Further Information Contact

Lisa Kanamura



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