Official Homepage of Mio Soul


Hailing from Tokyo Japan, sometimes known for its “…nail that sticks out too far gets hammered back down” sentiments, Mio Soul truly epitomizes that nail that refuses to be hammered back in to place. Possessing a vocal that has been fine tuned by the gospel churches of Harlem, Daytime Emmy Award winning music supervisor Dave Hnatiuk feels “Mio Soul is like a Japanese version of Alicia Keys.”

Mio Soul writes simple songs about complex things: love, life, happiness and survival, and currently channels ideas through traditional R&B, Blues, Soul and Dance Music. Her drive to experiment with various genres comes from her recent relocation to New York City, a move that puts her closer to some of the most groundbreaking and inspirational movements related to music, art and fashion.

Professionally, Mio Soul’s worked Golden Era Hip Hop Legend Chip Fu (of the Fu-Schnickens), internationally acclaimed producer DJ Gomi, Japanese singer/songwriter Kiyotaka, The Japan Society, MC/Producer MeccaGodZilla, ATS of the Rocksteady Crew and many more.

After the tragic events of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami, Mio Soul helped assist a New York City artist collective to raise money during the Domo Arigato Festival in the Bronx, which donated all the proceeds to The Japan Society in NYC.

Mio Soul is currently set to release her solo EP titled “In My Skin” with NY Record Label MANAFEST VISION MEDIA on 11/1/2011.

東京出身、現在はNYで活動中のシンガーソングライター、Mio Soul。
アメリカのテレビドラマに与えられる賞であるエミー賞(音楽賞)の受賞者であるDave Hnatiuk氏は、彼女のことを「日本のアリシアキーズ」という。


これまで、90年代のヒップホップのレジェンドFu-schnikensのChip fu、DJ GOMI、日米の架け橋となる団体ジャパンソサイエティー、MCでプロデューサーのMeccaGodZilla、レジェンドBboyクルーのRSCのATSなどと仕事している。

今年の8月には、東日本大震災のチャリティーイベントDomo Arigato Festivalをブロンクスにて友人と企画、売上金全額をジャパンソサイエティーに寄付した。

彼女は11月1日に初のミニアルバム(EP)- In My SkinをNYのレーベルManafest Vision Mediaからリリースしたばかりである。


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